A frenum (also called frenulum) is a tissue attachment that holds or connects an area such as the tongue, lip or cheek. Occasionally a frenum might be exceptionally tight, thick or short. Frenul pull can contribute to localized areas of gum recession. It can also play a role in creating gaps between teeth.

A frenectomy is a simple surgery to excise the frenum. This procedure generally takes less than fifteen minutes and has minimal post-operative discomfort.


A diastema is a large gap between teeth. A diastema can result from an unusually thick or tight frenum that attaches close to the teeth. Frenectomy, combined with orthodontics, can correct this problem.


A Tongue Tie is an excessive amount of tissue where the tongue is tethered to the floor of the mouth, prohibiting the tongue from moving freely.

Normal tongue motion can be constricted with a tight frenum. This can tug on the gingiva of the lower anterior teeth, creating recession. In severe cases, this may affect speech. Eliminating this attachment can restore proper tongue movements and eliminate gingival pull.

Lip Ties

A Lip Tie is similar to a tongue tie, when excessive tissue is formed from the top of the lip to the upper gum tissue above the anterior teeth. This condition brings about other issues for infants, often making it difficult for them to breastfeed and ultimately makes it more difficult for babies to gain weight. Similar to a tongue tie, once diagnosed, a Lip tie is easy to correct.

What is Laser Therapy?

Sparkle Pediatric Dentistry is able to quickly mend lip and tongue ties due to advances in modern laser technology.

Your child will benefit from precise and nearly instant results with minimal discomfort. Your child’s lip and tongue tie issues can be released in only minutes, with little to no discomfort or bleeding.

At Sparkle Pediatric Dentistry, our state-of-the-art laser technology eliminates the need for traditional scissors, scalpels, and sutures, with much more accurate results.

The Unique Benefits of Laser Therapy

Superior Comfort – Advanced laser technology will mend your child’s tethered oral tissues with nearly no discomfort.

Minimized Risk – During laser therapy, harmful bacteria is sterilized, which allows your child’s smile to heal more effectively and reduces the risk of re-infection.

Rapid Recovery – Results are nearly instant after treatment. We help your child resume daily life with the comfort of a healthy smile.

Soft Tissue Lasers

With soft tissue lasers at our disposal, Dr. Holly Lewis can provide precise high-quality treatments that are relatively pain-free, less invasive, and useful for a wide variety of dental treatments.

A laser is essentially a tiny beam of highly concentrated light. This beam can be used to provide pinpoint accuracy in treatments. Because the laser sterilizes the tissues and seals off blood vessels as it is used, the chance of infection or bleeding following laser treatment is minimal. The soft tissue laser is minimally-invasive, but highly effective.

With the highly versatile soft tissue laser, Dr. Holly Lewis can seal nerve endings and blood vessels and treat soft tissues simultaneously. This creates less stress on the gums, which significantly reduces both swelling and bleeding. Moreover, by using the soft tissue laser, Dr. Holly Lewis minimizes patients’ discomfort both during and after the treatment and lessen their recovery time.

Henrico pediatric dentist, Dr. Holly Lewis, uses soft tissue laser technology to provide our patients with precise dental care with a comfortable dental experience.